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Tiros Landscape is your choice for decorative concrete landscape edging, helping to add both style and functionality to your dream yard. Impact Tiros Landscape Stone Edging services serve to complement existing landscaping while reducing the overall time needed for maintenance.

Our process is very noninvasive and most concrete or stone edging installations can be completed within a day. Our cost effective edging system can help enhance your property value, prevent unwanted grass and weeds in beds, and help eliminate unwanted pests.

Blow Off Driveway


At Tiros Landscape, we are dedicated to helping your lawn look its absolute best and performing thorough leaf cleanup in Oakland, NJ and surrounding areas. While getting rid of leaves definitely helps with curb appeal, there are other reasons you don’t want to let them build up around your home.

These reasons include:

Layers of decaying leaves are a haven for mold to thrive and aggravate allergies

Leaves can also build up near drains and cause sewer or plumbing issues, resulting in expensive and unsightly digging on your property to clear the blockage

If you’re a business, leaves accumulating in walkways may trip customers, create falling hazards, or make your property impassable to customers.

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It is our mission to bring the homeowners vision to life through superior design, a seamless building process, and ultimately, a finished product that goes above and beyond all expectations.

Our goal is to provide a beautiful outdoor environment that is inviting, healthy and comfortable. Homeowners can be confident in our team of experts who are dedicated to landscape design and construction. We want people to love the outdoors as much as we do!

Shrub, Plant, Tree Trimming


As young and aged shrubs and trees grow, they do not grow perfectly even; many stems and branches on these types of plant life grow in different directions at different rates.

At your home or business during the peak growing season, you’ll notice the branches of your trees extending too close to the dwelling, too far over walkways or driveways, or even too close to power lines; at this point, your property needs a skilled team that has the proper tools and safety equipment to get up high for the tree trimming on your property.

When you have a professional landscape design or even a pattern or set of shrubs and bushes, Tiros Landscape has the experience and skill to maintain the artistic shape of the different hedges on your property.

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Aeration / Seeding


To encourage a healthy lawn, aeration and over seeding should be a part of your lawn care plan. Aerating your lawn allows air to circulate through the soil. This can be achieved through core aeration or spike aeration.

Overseeing is often paired with aeration to promote thick grass cover of your lawn. Professional landscapers typically aerate a lawn one to two times per year.

This number varies depending on the type and condition of the soil. Aerating your soil will leave the soil less compact, “softer” and allow your lawn to grow lush, thick and healthy.

Debris & Clipping Clean Up, Removal


After you trim your trees, shape your shrubs, and cut your grass, green waste mounds. For your local yard debris removal experts, hire us for faster outdoor chores for less.

Our team arrives fully prepared for any junk belongings with professional-grade vehicles and hauling equipment.

No matter what you need to get rid of, we can assist you the best. Contact us now and make short work of any waste items and hauling services.

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Snow Removal


Tiros Landscape Landscaping is a reliable snow services contractor serving Oakland, NJ. We are licensed and insured, operate our own plow trucks and equipment and have more than 20 years of experience in commercial and residential snow plowing and snow removal.

Whether you just need your driveway snow plowed once, or want to order a service every time you need it during the winter season, we’ve got your covered.

Our friendly and professional snow plow drivers are also ready and willing to shovel and clear snow from any walkways or stairways on your property you need done

Retaining Walls


If you have soil erosion issues or if there is sloping ground on your property, you should consider getting retaining walls built. The structures provide support to the ground and soil and help demarcate zones for the best use of the available spaces.

At Tiros Landscape, we are committed to providing our clients excellent value for money and offer custom retaining wall design and build services.

Our experts make sure that they have a good idea about the types of features you prefer and the materials that will complement the look and styling of your landscape.

As a family-owned & operated business based in Oakland, we know the importance of customization and personalization in the projects we take up.

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