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Mulching is a great way to freshen up a landscape. From an aesthetic point, mulching gives a tidy manicured appearance to a property.

Trees and plants growing in a natural environment stand in rich, well aerated soil. Their roots are covered by a fabulous concoction of leaves, organisms like earthworms and organic material. This material, called mulch, enriches the soil by recycling the nutrients the mulch releases as it decomposes. It’s the perfect environment for the healthy growth of trees and plants. However, urban environments have lost this natural material. We need to put it back if we want our trees and gardens to thrive.

Mulching is the process of applying a layer of wood chips to soil surrounding trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers. Mulch is not just an aesthetic garden accessory. It offers many benefits and comes in a variety of materials and range of colors. Depending upon your landscaping design, soil and plant/trees needs, choosing the appropriate mulch is essential to a thriving garden. At Tiros Landscape, we help you determine which mulch material and color best meets your residential or commercial property needs.

Tree mulching provides six key benefits for your yard and landscaping:

Controlling pervasive weeds

Improving outdoor aesthetics

Regulating surface soil temperature

Raising water absorption

Reducing water run-off

Protecting trees from damage caused by weed trimmers and lawn mowers

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With numerous styles of mulch available, from natural mulch to dyed mulch, you can outfit your yard with the mulch that perfectly matches and suits your needs. Our professional crew will assist you with everything from choosing the right material to calculating the amount needed.

Looking for efficient tree services near me? Contact our team of professionals at Tiros Landscape as we help you to create the perfect look while promoting great health and vitality during the growing season for all your trees, shrubs and plant bed areas.

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